Original Metal Designs

I’m a metal lover at heart. I love a simple silhouette that is changed dramatically by a texture. I experiment with textures such as acid etching and reticulation to create beautiful sculptural designs.
My favorite metal is brass and it looks so beautiful when plated in 22kt gold plate.

  • Type metal, metal work, metal smith, jewelry

Building a Ladder Earrings

Gold to Me Doorknocker Earrings

Limited Edition Fringe Earrings

I Can See the Light Beetle Wing Earrings

Mane of Gold Pierced Earrings

Rose of Sharon Domed Swing Post Earrings

Two Clouds Above Nine Earrings

Hand Etched Bangles

Stepped into Darkness I.D. Bracelet

Rough Smoke Cigar Band Ring

Shower of Faith Mini Fringe Earrings